Poldark Review Episode Eight

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Well, Poldark doesn’t do things by halves, does it?

With so much gloom, doom and bad news packed into one emotionally pummelled final episode it could have spelled disaster.

But it didn’t.

The conclusion of this first BBC series was one of the most compelling pieces of drama I’ve ever seen.

We had financial ruin, family break up, a disease-racked community, and the loss of a child. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s a disastrous shipwreck on Napara beach with much death and drunken looting.

Phew! See what I mean?

If anyone was in any doubt about Aidan Turner’s ability as an actor, the compelling sight of his heart-breaking walk across the Cornish cliffs as he carried his baby daughter’s coffin to her funeral, was almost overwhelming.

As readers of this blog will know, I am a massive fan of the Poldark books and that original iconic BBC series. So I was slow to warm to this new version. But after last night, I was hooked. It was extraordinarily good.

Ross’s copper company and his fortunes were collapsing around him, and there had been a major fallout with cousin, Francis.

When Demelza hears that Francis’s household has been struck down with the morbid sore throat she goes, in Ross’s absence, to nurse the family – and contracts the infection herself, and then tragically passes it on to her baby Julia.

Only the hardest of hearts would have been immune to Ross and Demelza’s grief at the loss of their child as they stood on the cliff top gazing out to sea for that closing scene.

…And then the cliffhanger! Ross is arrested and marched off by a troop of soldiers to face charges of wrecking and murder.

What can I say?

Poldark will return…

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