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Well, that’s the book finished, the editing has been done, and it’s now all in the hands of the lovely Wendy, my proofreader.

It took her only minutes to discover a whole heap of formatting issues that I would never have spotted on my renageorge-cornish_obsessionown.

  • A mix of manual line breaks and paragraph marks
  • A mix of three dots for ellipses and ellipses characters
  • A mix of straight and curly quotes
  • A mix of spaced hyphens and spaced en dashes
  • A mix of double spaces and single spaces after full stops
  • Paragraph indents inconsistent
  • Chapters starting at different heights on new page
  • And more…

You see why I need a Wendy?

Usually when I have finished a book I can’t wait to get it up on Amazon. This time I plan to be more -1considered. Since it’s a Christmas story, I’ve scheduled publication for Friday, November 28, and will be taking advantage of Amazon’s new pre-order facility for Kindle books by advertising its availability four weeks earlier.

I’ve created a book review request pack and will be emailing online book reviewers and hoping that at least some of them will be kind to me.

These lovely bookmarks are also a first for me. I wasn’t sure if investing in promotional material like this was the way to go, so I asked some Facebook chums. They were more than generous with their advice and tips. The result is these great bookmarks. Watch out, for they could be coming to a library or bookshop near you, soon.

This next bit has nothing to do with the new book, but I have to mention it.

According to a report in the British Medical Journal, scientists have apparently female-149333_640discovered that too much sitting down can lead to premature ageing – and early death.
Hmm…I don’t know many writers who work standing up in front of their computer.

They’ll be telling us next that sherry trifle and sticky buns are bad for us.

And what about that ever present risk of falling over and breaking a leg/hip/arm/or whatever /when you’re standing up?

Sorry, couldn’t resist that.people-37349_150

I’ll need to have a sit down now to think about all this.

And finally …

#Spider Alert – First fall of chestnuts anxiously awaited.

I’m trusting that the person who evolved the theory that spiders hate chestnut oil, and would therefore strenuously avoid any home where it was to be found, was not just having a laugh.

They wouldn’t do that. Would they?

Have a fun weekend everyone.

Rena x


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  1. Formatting can be a nightmare of hidden pitfalls can’t it. Good luck with the new book, Rena and the promotion! The bookmarks look lovely.

    Oh dear what will they think of next that’s bad for us?

    And those conkers can’t fall fast enough for me! We are overrun with spiders this year, but in previous years I am sure the conkers I scattered round the house kept them at bay. Must admit so far the huge ones I’ve seen have been the ones Harley has caught and killed during the night x

    1. Post

      Thank you so much, Teresa. I’ve never tried to properly promote a book before, but I’m determined to have a go this time. And as for those spiders – Ugg…
      I have chestnut oil sprays and electronic devices that plug into the mains, and to be honest, we don’t get too many of the things.
      If your little Harley is disposing of them while you slumber on in innocence I’d be giving him an extra bowl of milk. xx

    1. Post

      Aw thank you, Sue. I’m hoping the bookmarks are a good idea. I’ll let you know.
      And yes, what a lot of nonsense about that sitting down thing. We know we have to exercise and keep the body moving, but most people have to sit down to do their job.

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