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2014-08-04 14.32.46This week’s post is part of a Blog Tour in which writers are posting about their writing process.

I have to thank Facebook friend, Heather King, for nominating me.

Heather is an author of traditional Regency romance and historical fiction. As Vandalia Black, she also writes paranormal romance, including vampires and shape shifters. She lives in the wilds of Worcestershire, England.

You can catch up with her here –

And here –

I have to answer four questions about how I write, so here goes:

What am I currently working on?

If you read one of my earlier posts then you’ll already know all about this. My WIP is the next book in my Loveday Ross Cornish Crime Series.

It’s a wintery December night and Jago Tilley is trudging back to his cottage in Marazion, unaware that he will be dead before morning.
DI Sam Kitto, of Devon and Cornwall Police, investigates the old fisherman’s brutal murder, and once again magazine editor, Loveday, finds herself being drawn unbidden into her policeman partner, Sam’s case…
It’s a Christmas story and will be available from early December.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Well, for a start, the Loveday novels all take place in Cornwall, which is a brilliant location to set a story in. It has everything from pretty fishing coves to spooky atmospheric moors, from fabulous yachting marinas to mystical standing stones. Loveday Ross is no Wycliffe, but like him, she is her own person. A journalist, who takes more than a passing interest in the cases her boyfriend, DI Sam Kitto. What I love most about Cornwall is that even when it’s swarming with tourists, the past is still all around you. And if your imagination is fertile enough…well, almost anything can happen.

Why do I write what I do?

One person – the amazing Daphne Du Maurier. From the first time I read Rebecca I was hooked on the kind of atmospheric suspense she created in the novels she set in her beloved Cornwall. It was through reading Rebecca, and all the other wonderful novels that followed, that made me want to return to Cornwall time and again. I have always enjoyed crime novels, and is seemed fitting to set my contemporary crime/mystery series right there.

How does my writing process work?

I love writing, but early on I made a pact with myself that it wouldn’t dominate my life. Family is much more important to me, which is why, excluding weekends, I take a day off every week. That’s when my husband and I take off into the country somewhere for a pub lunch, visit friends and family, or maybe just do a bit of shopping.

On the remaining four days, I’m a morning person, so I’m at my desk as early as possible – 8am most weekdays. If I’m under pressure to get a big word count down then I’ll write until 1pm, have a short lunch break with my husband, and back to my computer until 5pm. I have a little kitchen timer on my desk and set the alarm for an hour at a time so that I remember to get up and move about regularly. Sitting in front of a computer screen with no break for hours on end is not a great thing for anyone’s health, so I make sure it doesn’t happen.

Weekends are family times, and I never write then – well, almost never.

Have a great week, everyone.

Rena x

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  1. Very interesting post, Rena. Daphne du Maurier was the queen of suspense wasn’t she. My writing days are the other way round – I look after grandchildren during the week so think of that as my family time, then I write at weekends 🙂 x

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      Sounds like we both have our priorities right, Teresa. Family always comes first. And you’re right about Daphne du Maurier, she knew how to tell a good story. Her books are still are still compulsive reading.xx

  2. I’ve always loved Daphne du Maurier and your books are definitely on my TBR list, Rena! Love the fact you take that day off. I always go out with my husband at the weekend for coffee and walks.

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      That family time is so important, isn’t it Rosemary? Doesn’t matter what you do, it’s just the physical thing of stepping out of your routine and spending time with those you care about. I do hope you get the chance to read some of my books – and enjoy them. xx

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