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I’m well on my way to finishing my current WIP, which is a Christmas story in the Loveday Ross Cornish Mysteries’ series. By way of a little reward, hubby and I treated ourselves to a day out in the beautiful City of Lincoln. These are few of the things we enjoyed on the way.

IMG_0196This is the magnificent Lincoln Cathedral, which for more than 200 years (1311-1549) was the tallest building in the world. Its dramatic gothic architecture still dominates the city’s skyline.

rsz_2img_1615We came across this tiny little door. I couldn’t quite see any burly Roman centurions being able to squeeze through it. rsz_img_1613If you compare its size in the above photo to the two more modern doors, you’ll understand what I mean. I’m not great on deciphering Roman numerals. The best I was able to do with that date was the last four digits, which even I know is 8.

rsz_img_1599The beautiful Newport Arch, in Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarter, dates from the strengthening of the city’s defences in the 4th century. I get goose pimples just being close to anything as old as this.

rsz_img_1583I love those huge strengthening bolts and crosses in this old wall. Looks like that section of it has been standing there since time began.

rsz_img_1581We did take a step back into the 21st century when we had a wander ‘down town’. The city’s busy shopping centre has its own charm, especially with this lovely waterway wending its way through it. I have to confess though that my heart was still up in the Cathedral Quarter. The magic of Lincoln’s ancient beginnings is hard to beat.

Have a lovely week, everyone.

Rena x

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      Lincoln is a city of waterways, Sue. I think you would enjoy it.
      The River Witham and the Fossdyke Navigation, one of England’s oldest canals, meet in the Brayford Pool, which is a huge lake that feels more like a harbour in the heart of Lincoln.
      Plenty of boats and sails around there to take your fancy. x

  1. Hello Rena,
    That sounds like my kind of day out but sadly, too far from where I live. However we do intend to have a cottage in that region next year, so Lincoln will definitely be on my ‘places to visit’ list.
    I love visiting cathedrals, we have so many in this country and many so diverse. The waterway systems sound, and look interesting, I loved the picture of the colourful barge moored in town, what a wonderful way to live.
    best wishes,

    Some interesting photographs too!

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      Lovely to see you here, Di, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. If you do find yourself in the Lincoln area next year, the cathedral is well worth visiting. It’s quite a climb from the centre of town though. We always try to park up in the Cathedral Quarter, makes life so much easier. Lots of nice old pubs and restaurants to try out there as well.

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