I’m Having a Little Rant – Well, Quite a big One, Really.

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I was intending to put up a writerly post today about the progress of my new novel, but instead I’m going to have a rant. The reason being that I caught the tail end of an item in a TV consumer programme where an ‘expert’ was explaining that cooked ham could be seriously contaminated wash-hands-98641_640simply by coming in contact with someone’s hands.


She was talking about some kind of chemical reaction that sets up between the germs on your hands and a substance in cooked ham that could trigger some pretty nasty effects. In other words, MAKE YOU REALLY ILL!


I didn’t know about that specific danger, but it made me think of all those times I queued to buy sliced ham at the supermarket counter …


If that ‘expert’ is right, all that stands between us and the danger of being poisoned, is someone being diligent enough to regularly wash their hands.


And this is my point. It’s not rocket science.


Why won’t people WASH THEIR HANDS?


Surely hand washing is the single easiest way to prevent the spread of germs – germs that make us ill? It’s a no brainer, but the number of times I have seen women in shop and restaurant loos hurry off without doing this simple thing makes my blood boil.


One of these days I’ll chase after the offender and tap her shoulder and say, “Excuse me, but haven’t you forgotten something?” I will. One of these days. Maybe.


And while I’m in full haranguing flow, why don’t patients at my health centre use the hand gel provided?


Now I don’t imagine that my GP practice is the only one that supplies hand gel for patients coming and going, but in all the time the little dispenser has been here (in full view) I have only once seen anyone, apart from myself, actually using it.


Now to my mind, if you’re going to pick up a germ anyway, the GP surgery, with all the coughs and sneezes, and other unpleasant maladies I wouldn’t care to dwell on, passing through there every day, is the place to catch it.


Using the gel is a basic precaution that takes seconds, costs nothing – AND IS STILL IGNORED!


There, I’ve said it. And I’ll say it again. Please! Please!Please! people who don’t wash your hands – please! be more vigilant!


Sigh … I feel so much better now.






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  1. Oh my, I do agree! Men, in my view, can be the worst offenders. regarding the ham – it made me remember an incident when I was returning from Italy and as flight home was a late one, we took a train to do some sightseeing on the way to the airport and had to wait some time in a small town for another to take us to the airport. Needing lunch we found a small cafe, (we would normally have by-passed it) but we were hungry and there was nowhere else. I and my friend, ordered a ham sandwich. Having eaten it, I was horrified to see the man behind the counter ‘manhandling’ all the meat without gloves.
    We were so ill by the time we got to the airport that we couldn’t queue for the check-in and had to dash to the airport chemist for some immodium-like medicine or stronger. The journey home was awful. Thankfully, it was a short dose of food poisoning, unlike my daughter, who contracted campilobactor from a chicken salad in Cornwall…another story…thanks for the rant 🙂

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      Oh my God, Deborah, that’s horrendous.
      Lack of proper hygiene by food handlers should be a criminal offence, given how much damage they can cause.
      And have you noticed how many butchers don’t bother washing their hands between serving raw and cooked meats? It makes me cringe. Rx

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  2. As you say handwashing is one of the best and simplest ways to help and people should do that before handling food. It needs to be done properly though.

    I’m not sure these alcohol gels are much help. They might be if used properly, but a quick squirt half heartedly rubbed in won’t remove germs from under finger nails, or anywhere else the gel didn’t reach.

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      Hi Patsy,
      You make a very valid point. I recently saw a TV consumer item where they tested a couple of these gels that claim to kill 99.9% of bacteria. One came out at 60% and the other was only 40% effective. Quite worrying. I would like to believe though that the gels in our health centres are more dependable. Rx

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      Exactly, Teresa. It frustrates me so much when people ignore the fact that simply washing hands regularly could cut the spread of germs and illness. No one should need to think twice about it. Rx

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