Facebook? Twitter? – Or Are You In Charge?

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Get yourself on social media … Isn’t that what all the online pundits advise? You have to put yourself about a bit (in the nicest possible way) if you want to meet other writers  – and SELL YOUR BOOKS!

 So, full of trepidation, I set up this blog, opened Twitter / Facebook accounts – and got myself an Author’s Page on Goodreads.

 That was the easy bit.

 Here’s how it’s all panned out since then…


blog-96106_640I love MY BLOG. I enjoy the actual process of writing and publishing posts, and I’m really chuffed when kind readers take the trouble to leave comments.

I am constantly inspired by all the brilliant blogs out there. I have honestly never met such a wonderful network of supportive people ready to offer advice, share their writing experiences, and generally cheer you up when the rejections get you down. Blogging gets my vote!


-1I actually opened my FACEBOOK account  a couple of years ago, but did absolutely nothing with it. I was extremely wary of putting any personal details out there, and very suspicious of the whole thing. But then, practically everyone I knew was on it, so was I missing a trick?

A couple of weeks ago, I very gingerly logged into my account and searched for some people I knew. They were all in there, and judging by their online conversations, they were having a ball!

I decided there and then that I had stayed out of Facebook long enough. I filled in some details, posted a cover picture, and pretty soon I was chatting with my writing pals, putting up pictures, sharing Internet stuff. It was great!

I hadn’t expected it to be so much fun – and I certainly didn’t expect it would send all this fantastic new the traffic to my blog. Woohoo!! Facebook gets my vote!



INew Books set up a GOODREADS author page on the advice of an online expert in book promotion, hoping to see my sales soar.

Well, ahem, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so complicated.
How do you post a book review?
How do you make friends?
How do you ever get anyone to LIKE you?
If you’re a whizz at Goodreads, and are shaking your head at what I’ve just written, then please do make my day and leave a few words of wisdom.

Goodreads will (I think) get my vote!





Oh, dear! Twitter!


I do try.


I do struggle.


I’ll keep trying…

Twitter may get my vote!  (but maybe no quite yet)


I have no idea if immersing myself in the exciting new (to me) world of social networking will ever actually help sell my books, but I’m making a lot of lovely new friends, and that can’t be bad. Rx

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