Poldark Rides Again

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The New Poldark


Here he is,  (check out the story)  Aidan Turner 

And just when I was thinking Richard Armitage had it in the bag … interesting!

All I know about Aidan is that he’s a 30-year-old Irish actor who has appeared in  The Hobbit Trilogy and Being Human. I don’t know him and and have never seen any of his TV series, so I have an open mind.

Well I haven’t, actually, because I’ll be struggling to get my head round any other actor but the brilliant Robin Ellis playing Captain Poldark. 

The late Winston Graham, who wrote the wonderful novels, and the lovely Robin, gave us the most charismatic romantic hero of all time.

Big shoes for you to fill there, Aidan.

Filming for the new eight part, sixty minute series, begins in Cornwall and Bristol in April and the series will transmit in 2015 on BBC One.

I can’t wait to see it.

… Now I wonder who will play Demelza?

Have a great week, everyone.


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