The Magic of Katie Morag

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Mairi Hedderwick © North Lanarkshire Council via Scottish Libraries

Mairi Hedderwick © North Lanarkshire Council via Scottish Libraries

Katie Morag was one of the first books I ever bought for my granddaughters – and how they loved it.
For those of you who don’t know Katie Morag, she is a small red-headed girl who lives on the fictional island of Struay, off the west coast of Scotland, where her mum is the postmistress and her dad runs the general store.

Her Granny Island drives a tractor, while her other grandma, Granny Mainland, who is a bit posher, wears hats.
Katie Morag has lovely adventures on her island, so lovely that the gentle, humorous stories have been picked up by the BBC, and are now being televised on Sunday afternoons on Cbeebies.

It’s an enchanting watch for children of all ages.
Author, Mairi Hedderwick, who writes and illustrates the books, has magic in her pen.

I have never attempted to write children’s stories (except privately for the little people in our family) but this lady is a hero of mine. Her stories take the young reader back to an age of innocence, where adventures were round every corner – and there wasn’t an iPad in sight51o7o0wu9hL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_SX342_SY445_CR,0,0,342,445_SH20_OU02_.
Mairi hails from Gourock, on the Clyde coast, but has lived on and off on the island of Coll since 1958 when she was employed as a mother’s help to look after the laird’s young family.

These lovely children’s books, like the one on the right, started life more than three decades ago. After years of earning a living illustrating the books of other authors, Mairi was asked to create a character of her own for a new picture book…and so, Katie Morag was born.

I, for one, am very pleased that she was.

The shops are full of Katie Morag books this Christmas (among one or two others)

Fancy joining me in a browse?



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  1. My goodness, Rena, you’ve stirred up some memories! My children used to get the Katie Morag books from the library. How lovely to learn how Katie Morag was born! 🙂 x

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