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Great New Way to Find More Readers


I’m very excited to tell you about a wonderful new book website where authors can promote their work for free. (Grateful thanks to Patsy Collins for pointing the way) offers writers the chance to have their work reach a wider audience by allowing them to download the first three or four chapters of their novel (or short stories) onto the website. renageorge-cornish_revenge300x300


My own submission of A Cornish Revenge went live this week, so I’ll be watching with interest to see if it makes any difference to my kindle sales on Amazon.

This website only recently went online and if early indications are anything to go by, it will be very popular. So if you have a book or short stories to promote then check out the submission guidelines and get your work up there.


Here’s a bit from the website:

First Chapters is a book discovery site where readers can sample the first three to four chapters of great books free of charge.

First Chapters promotes books in all categories and genres, including poetry and short stories. It includes works of both fiction and non-fiction.

There are biographies of contributing authors and recommendations for similar books.

First Chapters uses ‘crowd power’ techniques to publicise the site. Authors and readers are encouraged to promote First Chapters on their own blogs, and on social networking sites.

First Chapters was created by Malcolm Turner. A former journalist with a lifelong interest in leadership, he has spent the last twenty years of his life devising and organising events which celebrate the work of leaders and achievers. He has personally presented leadership awards to – among others – Senator John McCain, Senior US Senator for Arizona

Malcolm writes novels under the pen name David Conway and recently published Cruel Sister.

Free Download Data

Still on the subject of promotions, my free download last week of Danger at Mellin Cove went really well. A thousand thanks to the lovely people who retweeted about it and mentioned it on their blogs. I am so grateful.

renageorge-mellin_cove_300x300The strange thing was that although I don’t sell too many books in the US, that’s where most of the downloads came from – more than four times the UK downloads. And glory be – I can now make the heady claim that people in France, Germany, Italy, Canada and India, are reading my 18th century Cornish adventure.

The download reached 29 in Amazon US’s top 100 free downloads in the Historical Romance category – and 23 in Amazon UK.

I don’t know if this will translate itself into proper sales, but I’m hoping.

Happy reading and writing everyone.

Rena x

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