It’s That Moonwalking Pony Again

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Cute and sturdy little Shetland ponies have been making friends and influencing a lot of people recently.

Last month it was Visit Scotland’s ponies, kitted out in their Fair Isle knits that were the YouTube sensations.

Then along came Socks, rocking into his now monumentally famous moonwalking dance to Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere to plug the 3 mobile phone network.

Sam 6 monthsI don’t have a picture of the endearing Socks, (he’s all over the Internet) but here’s one of Sam, my granddaughters’ six-month-old Spaniel puppy. He has nothing to do with this post, but he’s very cute, if a tad expensive.

So far in his young life, he has chewed a hole in the wall in his corner of the kitchen, ‘eaten’ three new dog beds, chomped his way through two new harnesses, and turned what was a delightful back garden into his own version of Beirut. Bless him!!

But back to the ponies…

The reason I mentioned Socks and his pals was because they reminded me of the equally gorgeous, but lesser known Eriskay ponies, which I was researching because one of the breed comes into my latest pocket novel, Where Moonbeams Dance.

Which brings me to the point of this post – writers’ research. Don’t you just love it?

Along the way of my research I’ve learned about the hardships 18th century Cornish miners faced tramping for miles across the moors, then having to work hundreds of feet down airless mine shafts to earn a pittance.

I know how many steps there are to the top of York Minster, and why the city’s famous  Shambles is called the Shambles. I know (a little) about the law protecting Highland crofts and how to run a catering business.

I’ve learned all about knitting a fisherman’s gansey, and how brave the families of RNLI lifeboat men and women have to be. I’ve learned…well, you can read about all the other stuff I’ve learned by downloading my books from Amazon Kindle

The only trouble with research is that it quickly becomes compulsive as each new fact you discover leads to another, and another…but if you are a writer you will already know all about that. Soon it becomes as difficult to resist as a slice of Double Chocolate Gateau when you’re on the never-ending diet.

It’s all part of the pleasure hard work we writers must sustain to keep our facts and fiction accurate.

Happy moonwalking, everyone.

Rena xx

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  1. Sam is gorgeous! I had a spaniel called Sweep who used to prefer his beds in shreds and once I came home from a half hour nip to the shops to find he’d taken the entire stair carpet off the stairs! He was lovely though 🙂

    Happy researching x

    1. Post

      We used to have a Boxer many years ago, Teresa, who once devoured a whole tier of wedding cake. (I know, don’t ask) I still adored him. xx

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