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Finding a publisher for that first book is never easy. After all the angst of previous rejections, and the eternal wait for yet another editor’s response, the final confirmation that somebody wants to publish your book can be euphoric.


…But, hang on a minute. You’ve spent a year or more writing, re-writing and editing your manuscript. You still had to do that full-time job and work into the wee small hours to get the novel finished. You so deserve the rewards of becoming a published author.

But are those rewards fair recompense for all that work?

Unpublished authors are not often privy to the scale of advances and royalties they can expect. So you might be interested in this blog, where US writer, Brenda Hiatt, has done a survey of what some major (and smaller) publishers pay.

Brenda has been writing for more than twenty years and has an impressive array of Regency romances to her credit.

She says, “Throughout my career, despite all of the inevitable changes, I have been passionate about helping other writers, particularly educating them about the realities of this business so that they might avoid the myriad pitfalls lurking for those of us who live on dreams.”

Admittedly her survey refers to US publishers, but they have lots of UK writers on their books. It’s definitely worth a look.

If any of you know of a UK blog putting out similar information then we love to hear from you.

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  1. That’s very interesting, Rena, thank you for posting the link. It’s alway seems like a mysterious secret when it comes to what publishers pay.
    You’ve changed the look of your blog haven’t you? I like it 🙂 x

    1. Post

      Thanks, Teresa. Some of these figures are a bit eye-opening, aren’t they.
      Bless you for noticing my blog’s little facelift. I’ve been doing a bit of tweaking and tidying up. x

    1. Post

      Hi Sue,
      Writers work hard, so it’s only right that we receive fair recompense for our efforts. But even modest payments can be boosted. I’m assuming you have your book in the libraries and have registered with the Public Lending Rights – http://www.plr.co.uk. (You receive just over six pence for each borrow – it all mounts up)
      It’s also worth registering with the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society – http://www.alcs.co.uk. All details are on the website. x

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