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There’s an interview here with The People’s Friend features’ editor, Alex Corlett, and fiction editor, Shirley Blair.

I was especially delighted to find this, as Alex was the first person I ever worked with at the ‘friend’.

It was down to his patience and guidance that I got my first short story, Coming Home, published. You can read it here.

Interesting to note in the interview that the magazine often plans seasonal features and stories – and has them written up – a full year in advance.

The new People’s Friend blog is here. You can also keep in touch on the Facebook page.

There’s less than a month to go to the publication date of my next PF pocket novel. (Dec 4)

I’m happy to say that the recent one, Another Chance is soon to be out on Kindle and as a Large Print Linford Romance.

Keep well lovely blogging friends,

Rena x

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      Your kind words are much appreciated, Teresa. And yes, Alex is brilliant – very interesting interview. I hope lots of people read it. X

  1. Thanks for the link, Rena. I love reading interviews – especially ones about ‘Friend’ editors.
    I enjoyed your story, too, and I’m looking forward to your next PF pocket novel.

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      Thank you Pat. I’m really pleased you enjoyed the short story. Praise from you and Teresa is praise indeed.

      Interviews with editors really are great, aren’t they. I was fascinated to read those comments from Alex and Shirley. X

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