The Birth of a New Pocket Novel

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 I’ve just started a new People’s Friend pocket novel.

I love this early part of the process, where you wander through a make-believe world of your own creation watching the characters come to life. It’s here, where the settings grow vibrant and the developing plot going on in your head makes you tingle with excitement, that every new novel is born…well conceived at least, for it has a long way to go before it’s ready to show its face to the world.

I’m doing a bit of an experiment this time with the voice to text facility on my new iPad. I’ve never actually tried writing on the natty little device until now and in anticipation of doing it right I downloaded Apple’s ‘Pages’ AP. But I’ve since discovered that the ‘Notes’ facility, which is already there, is by far the easiest thing to use.

My way of going about a new project is to sketch out the first draft in longhand, transferring it chapter by chapter to my computer, during which process it also gets its first edit. But an increasing arthritic problem in my hands is making it difficult to hold a pen for any length of time.

Previous attempts at dictating into a dictation machine just didn’t work for me, so I was sceptical of having any more success with this. But guess what! I was wrong! It’s brilliant!!  I just speak the words and my new best friend types them right before my eyes.

But what’s also great is that I can work at the speed that suits me, changing my mind and correcting things as I go. Whole scenes are practically writing themselves. Then I simply email the whole thing to myself, all ready to save into the novel’s folder on my computer.

How good is that?

Obviously it’s not perfect yet, but I’m getting better it. This method of working might not suit everyone, but it’s working for me right now and I am not complaining.

Another writing tool I love to use is Scrivener. It doesn’t interfere with the author’s creativity, but it does help to organise your work. Using Scrivener I can see every scene at a glance and drag in pictures of my characters/places/research. It also keeps track of character biogs, plot threads and time frames.

Being a chronic planner all this is sheer heaven for me. Until Scrivener came along, my desk was a sea of files, notebooks, pictures, cuttings and scraps of paper with vital notes about the current WIP. Now everything is on my screen and available at a click. 

And no…I don’t have shares in the company – honestly!!

Before I sign off, just a quick mention. Did you celebrate Special Thursday? That was the day last week when all the big booksellers got their new books into the shops in preparation for the Christmas market.

I love it when the stores fill up with new books. It’s the only bit of blatantly early seasonal hype that I can forgive.

Have a nice week everyone,

Rena xx

PS: My Twitter account has been hacked and friends received bogus messages with attachments. I know you wouldn’t anyway, but please…PLEASE…if you received this message, don’t open the attachment. I’ve changed my details so hopefully it’s all sorted. So sorry, everyone. x x.



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  1. I too enjoy the planning and start but I love the editing part more watch the story and characters coming alive.

    Good luck with your new PN and thank you for dropping by my blog.

    1. Post

      Hi Paula, lovely to see you here. I’m trying to train myself to enjoy all that editing at the end, but I’m afraid I still find that part a bit of a slog. x

  2. I’m terrible at planning, Rena – I do wish I could be more organised. Good luck with your new PF pocket novel 🙂

    I had that odd message from you on Twitter, but I guessed it wasn’t really from you so deleted it. You don’t need to apologise – it wasn’t your fault 🙂 x

    1. Post

      I don’t think you need to worry about being disorganised, Teresa. Seems to me you’re doing just fine as you are.
      I wish I could sit down at my computer and get to work without a detailed plan. Now that’s a real skill.
      And yes – the hacking business was horrible. It’s still difficult not to feel bad about it, even though it was out of my hands. x

  3. hello Rena

    Good to find you via Sue (Flowerpot)

    I’m with Paula – I love to get the whole thing down and then get on with the editing and make it come alive!

    All the best with the pocket novel

    warm wishes

    1. Post

      That’s a very good point, Debbie. I love the idea of the editing making the whole thing come alive, and you’re right of course. I guess we all have our own way of getting there.
      Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. I’ll be sure to pop over to your place, soon. X

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