The York Floods

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This is the River Ouse in one of its darker moods as it flows (or should that be surges?) through the centre of York.

The lovely old pub on the left bank is normally a popular riverside attraction where shoppers and tourists relax as they sit outdoors sipping their drinks while watching swans and pleasure boats glide past. Now they take pictures of the devastation.

The floods have put the city under siege once again, forcing the river to burst its bounds, swamp its banks and flow unchecked into surrounding streets putting offices, restaurants and wine bars out of action.

Sadly, York is no stranger to this blight of nature. Riverside property owners make what precautions they can, but aside from moving their electrics from ground floor sites to higher up on walls, and investing in a stout pair of waders, what else can they do?

Their lives are governed by how high the tides rise.

My heart goes out to all these poor people, not only in York, but also all over the country and beyond, whose homes and businesses are affected by flooding.

It must be devastating to stand helplessly by, watching the precious fabric of your life, all the things you have worked so hard for, being destroyed or washed away before your eyes.

Nature can be so cruel, but fortunately not all of the city was affected. Thankfully the magnificent York Minster remains watertight, and as awesome, as ever.

Our own experience driving home from York yesterday, when flooding on surrounding country roads and lanes forced us to turn back four times before we found a way through, was a very minor inconvenience compared to what other have suffered.

Please spare a thought for them. Keep safe everyone.

Rena xx

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      Me too, Flowerpot. We live on top of a cliff, where thankfully flooding isn’t a problem. I can’t imagine how terrible it must be to have your home flooded and lose your possessions. It must be like a violation of your life. And as Teresa says, it seems to be happening more frequently these days. It’s a worry.

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