Internet…What Internet?

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 A shocking thing happened last week – our Broadband connection went walkabout for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS!

An inconvenience, certainly, but the shocking part was the realisation of just how much we depend on it.

No emails…no internet searching, which meant no online checking of bank accounts, holiday venue research or hotel bookings…and no catching up with lovely blogging pals. Heavens above! It was a nightmare! (Exclamation marks are my thing at the moment)

The Internet has become such an everyday part of our lives that I lost count of the number of times I went to my computer to check something on the Internet, only to remember that the Internet was not longer there. Grrrrrr!

Well (thanks to a bit of tweaking by our internet supplier, and the patience and skill of a lovely Scottish chap called David) we’re back on line….YES!!!

While all this was most frustrating, something very nice did actually happen a few days ago. This cute little chap visited our garden and spent half an hour raiding the bird feeder and having a drink.

We don’t have red squirrels in this part of Yorkshire, but no-one seems to have told our little squirrel nutkin that, because unless I am seriously mistaken, that head and legs are definitely ginger.

Grey squirrels abound on a nearby estate so we assumed our chap was a hybrid. However, an expert has since informed us that this would be impossible since grey and red squirrels are two entirely different species and therefore don’t mate.

Well, he’s the expert. I’m saying nothing…

We’re off on holiday to beautiful Cornwall this week…just as the weather is about to slide back into winter. Not that that will bother us much. We just adore being down there. See you all when we get back.

Be lovely to yourselves.

Rena xx


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  1. Oh what a pain! I’m glad you’re back online again now.
    That squirrel definitely looks like a redhead 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful time in Cornwall and fingers crossed they’re wrong about the weather x

    1. Post

      Thanks Teresa.
      Yes, it’s great to be back online. All my good writing intentions seem to have gone astray recently. I’ve hardly produced anything over the past week. I think I really need this holiday. xx

  2. I’m fine away from the internet if I’m on holiday but I would find it incredibly frustrating at home. Enjoy Cornwall Rena – I’d say come and see me but I dont have your phone number!

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      I’m a bit of an online junkie, Flowerpot. My iPad goes everywhere with me. So it was a major hair-tearing annoyance when I lost Internet access last week. But that’s all in the past, for everything is up and running again and I’m once more a happy bunny.
      It would be brilliant if we could meet up when we’re in Cornwall and thank you for suggesting it. I’m not sure it will be possible though. We’re on a bit of a touring holiday this time and will only be in the Penzance area for four days (Sept 17-20) and I know we are already committed to loads of stuff.
      But I’ve tracked down your contact details from your other blog and will take them with me…just in case. xx

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