Editing nightmares…and a wee disappointment!

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 I hate editing. I detest having to do that second draft…third…fourth, and so on. All the really creative stuff goes into the first time the words hit the page. For me, it’s when my characters come alive and the plot unfolds.

Re-drafts are the crafting bits where the writer moulds and sculpts her/his work. Scenes come and go. Tired phrases are discarded, to be replaced with snappier, more inspired ones. It’s the professional part of writing that turns a good book, story or article into a great one. I get all that, but I still agree with fellow pocket novel writer, Cara Cooper, when she says it’s like wading through treacle.

I’ve tried all sorts of ploys to erase the pain of the re-writes/edits/re-drafts call them what you will. It still hurts.

I’ve tried editing on screen, reading the words aloud, working from a printed hard copy. I’ve even emailed the MS to my kindle in the hope that editing in another media would ease the burden. It doesn’t.

So if anyone out there has a top tip to make this chore more appealing, I am all ears.

Just a final thought. Still celebrating my good fortune of recent days when the lovely People’s Friend bought two of my pocket novels, I have been waiting patiently for a decision on a short story I sent them, while keeping everything crossed for the hat trick.

Well, the decision came a few days ago. The story was rejected. So, with feet firmly back on the ground, it’s back to the drawing board.

Take care everyone. Rx

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